Saturday, February 20, 2016

RAK card redesign

I had made a series of cards with the flying pig angel motif in honor of my brother Pat. It involved cutting several pieces and assembly until I realized that I could make a stamp for the angel wings and halo. The embossing powders are easy to apply, and glittering is much easier.
I love that I can use my Silhouette to cut stamping material to make the wings and halo!
This is the current iteration. Included in every RAK gift that I send out, to honor a kind and generous man who died too soon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

RAK and cards and stuff

The little shop where I used to sell my cards has changed format. Once a mail room and gift shop, it is now a dollar store that sells lotto tickets. In the past 3 months over 30 cards were stolen from my card rack. Soooooo, I have removed the rack from the store. It's ok, the demographic has changed and I didn't expect that my cards would do well, but seriously.
So what to do with the remaining cards? Well, I have been purging my craft room- selling on eBay those more expensive things that I no longer use, and giving away others. Honestly, it is more about destashing than making money.
Into each of the packages, I include a card. Cards made for friends or family are personal, but those on sale were more generic. It just makes me happy to see a little of my art travelling around the country. I hope that it brings my recipient a smile.
That said, not much time spent on making new cards, until tonight. I gave away some stamps on a Facebook group. I was out of generic cards, so I made a new one in honor of the Valentine season. I may make others because I like the look. I was inspired by someone in the facebook group.
The sentiment is from Gina K Designs. and the dies cut? Cant find it. Let me know if you recognize it. I thought it was Memory box, but cant find it there. I cut a couple of repeats and used as many as would fit on the card, I like how it turned out!