Saturday, November 2, 2013

a busy day

Today is my best friend's birthday. Happy birthday, Kelly! And I am travelling to a bridal shower for my future niece Amber..Monday is my brother's birthday, and my MIL is under the weather. So, cards for all. Since Amber and Andy met at UF, I used a gator color theme for her shower card.

Since my brother's christian name is Austin,  I designed this card from a photo of a 1933 American Austin. In truth he was named after a grey model of this car.

and another featuring a 1939 edition for the stash

A pic of Kelly's card. She is a very invested mom of two dogs. 

My friend melissa had a birthday last month ago
So I will share the card I made her

Thanks for reading!


  1. What a FANTASTICAL collection of creations, Nancy!!! I'm so happy to see so much fun come through. Each one is just mind boggling to me - look at all the different kinds of kinetic cards, pop ups, the umbrella, the layers - I can't wrap my head around all of it. You will definitely need to let me know how you did that shower umbrella. I love your kitty kats. {Will just linger and stare at all of your beautiful cards!}

  2. The umbrella is a stamp that I white embossed on vellum, then colored the back with my spectum noir markers for a subtle effect. I then fussy cut it to layer it over the background.