Friday, August 17, 2012

starting my portfolio

I was recently asked by a local merchant if I would be willing to sell my cards in his shop. To be honest I have never thought much about it, but it would be a nice to make pocket money for my habit. so, I am designing my portfolio. both use Fiskars birthday greetings, and i was trying to go for two very different sensibilities. What do you think?
predictably, and as i had hoped, my hubby preferred the second masculine version.


  1. Hey, now this is a great blog! I had the same background paper for a while! Love your cards too. I prefer the froo froo one :D
    I STILL have not given any samples of cards to the proprietor of the shop in town who wants to carry my cards. That's how freaking sick I feel, so weak, too much like dragging lead to do anything. More power to you Nancy - your cards are awesome!!!!

    1. Thanks, dear Rosy! Every journey begins with one step. I appreciate your feedback! Mahalo!